Screenshot of TigerJython

What is TigerJython?

TigerJython is a free development environment for the Python programming language. If you want to learn programming, this is the tool for you. It already includes everything you need to start programming right away.

Download now!
Version 2.11, JAR-File, ca. 59 MB

There is also an extensive online-tutorial available for TigerJython. Or check out the documentation with its examples of Turtle graphics.

Features of TigerJython


Tired of figuring out complex environments? Lost in endless configurations and features? TigerJython is designed to be as simple as possible! Just enter your program in the editor and click «run». No additional installation, configuration or the need for sophisticated project managment.


Made a mistake? Don't spend hours trying to guess what went wrong! TigerJython tells you exactly where the error is and how to fix it.


Run your program line by line and see where TigerJython is going while it runs your program. The debugger will also show you the values of all your variables. So that you can keep track of your data. Or use the interactive console to evaluate functions and expressions. With this it is easy to see how programming works.


We brought Turtle-Graphics to the next level! Create beautiful graphics applications with a simple and easy to understand library. Then go even further and design your very own games, control a virtual robot, connect to your Lego robot or access you Raspberry Pi.

TigerJython is supported by the Swiss Association for Computer Science Education (SVIA).